Open Networking

Using Bare Metal White Box Networking Gear

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It's All About the You + Apps


Open Networking is about using super fast commodity networking hardware and install and use your choice of networking operating system (NOS).

You choose your operating system and it is open to you for install and use your add-on apps. 


Open Networking Benefits


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High Speed at your finger tips

Bare Metal switches are high performance switching gears ranging from 1Gbps. to 100Gbps .

Flexibility & Programability

Enjoy a platform which allows you to change your networking operating system, change from traditional L2/L3 to SDN based OpenFlow architecture and can integrate with your Virtualization environment.

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Save upto 50% on Capex and 30% on your ongoing Opex.

Save a lot on Optics.

Don't pay high premiums.  

Use Cases



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DataCenter IP Fabric

Deploying fixed form factor switches in the Clos spine/leaf architecture is the ideal solution for scaling current data centers or deploying a new data center.

The spine/leaf architecture allows scalable growth while being simple, highly available, low cost, and flexible enough for just about any application run in the data center.

 A full mesh IP fabric is the platform for new datacenter needs such as :

  • Network Virtualization Overlays (VXLAN)

  • IP Storage

  • East-West Traffic 

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Campus Access

Campus access layer has an important role to connect end user devices to the network. 

Usually there are many switches resides in access layer and configured in a stack. 

In most of enterprises the Access layer is deployed and configured only once and in rare cases you need to do some changes on configuration. 

Bare Metal switches can be deployed for campus access layer to enable benefits from Open Networking and Apps such as :

  • Integration with your ITSM and ticketing system to automate the fixes.

  • Integration with your Monitoring software.

  • Automation

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